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    Spar Helps Businesses Navigate Data Challenges

    As businesses try to leverage the enormous power, benefits of big data and enterprise cloud they often find that their IT systems are quite simply inadequate to deal with the exponentially exploding large quantities of information that is, in turn, driving the size of the data sets themselves. This is the key challenge that businesses face in verticals as diverse as financial servcies to life sciences. Spar , recognizing this gap, has created proofs of concepts that would interest business across 5 key verticals.
    Value Proposition of our Services to Key Verticals
    Using algorithms to delve deep into historical data sets so as to predict fairly accurate business outcomes is the core of our ML practice. A PoC for the same can be had in a demo of our PPP - Price Prediction Platform.
    Machine Learning
    Retail is about being accessible to a global customer base. Businesses have to intelligently channel their products, services into time and, places that prospective customers are most likely to purchase them. Businesses also have to meet regulatory norms of all the countries that its customers are present. Spar's BI & Regulatory practices offer the surest and, quickest way out.
    Regulatory Consulting & BI
    Of all the verticals that face data challenges, Telecom by far tops the list.The sheer volume of call data records (CDR) that a typical Telecom company has - million + records a minute -was a litmus test for our BI practice.Click to see our BI case study for telecom
    Business Intelligence
    Taking the learnings between the patient and the drug discovery process and fusing it into drug manufacturing has been the core strategy for life sciences firms in the last few years. For this to effectively happen, helath care firms have to get their data access and data quality issues spot-on Click to find out how.
    Data Governance & Quality
    Digitized smart factories are now realizing the economics of efficiencies that robotics bring about. Driving this digital transformation are a wide variety of data solutions that allow these hi-tech manufacturers to maximize product quality and user experiences of people who buy their products.
    Big Data & BI
    Data, if utilized properly, can eliminate wastage, increase productivity on the production floor. This is why manufacturers across the world are increasingly believing that data initiatives if well thought out and executed will have a positive impact on their bottom-lines. Click
    Machine Learning & BI
    SPAR is a people's company at the core. We believe in the power of human relationships. We constantly engage and encourage our people to have a bias for delivering business outcomes that result in customer delight.
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